How do Gift Cards Work?

How do gift cards work?

Gift cards can be a very convenient gift, however, know why you should be careful when buying them.

If you do not know what gift to buy your friend on her birthday or on a special date, but you do know which stores she likes to buy from, the best option would be to buy her a gift card so that she can use it wherever she wants.

Gift cards are a very easy, effective, and convenient way to give someone a gift. Since you only have to buy the gift card for the amount you want to give away, at the store of your choice. Then the person you gave the card to will buy what they want with the amount of money on the gift card.

In general, you can give away gift cards with the amount of money you want, it can be from $ 15, $ 20, $ 50, etc.

Most stores offer gift cards. For example, you can buy a card at: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Forever 21, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.

Some stores even offer you the option of sending the card electronically by text message, email or through an application.

Amazon gift card

You can give away a $ 1 to $ 2,000 Amazon gift card. Amazon gift cards do not expire and are free of charges. The card can be used to buy on Amazon or at affiliated stores like Whole Foods.

You have several options to deliver the gift card, you can send it electronically by text message, email or application, you can print the gift card at home or you can get a regular gift card.

Disadvantages of Gift Cards

The downside to gift cards is that the money cannot be recovered or made after the card is used. Even if the gift card is lost or someone steals it, the money cannot be recovered.

Although gift cards are very useful for giving a person a gift, scammers often use gift cards to commit fraud and steal money. ”That’s because gift cards are like cash: If you buy a gift card and someone uses it, you can’t get your money back,” says the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

“Scam artists have a talent for convincing people that there really is an emergency, so many people went to Walmart, Target or CVS to buy gift cards to send to these individuals,” explains Jennifer Leach Deputy Director, Division of FTC Consumer and Business Education.

If someone calls you about an emergency that you have a family scenario or need to repay a gift card debt, you should exercise caution as you are a scammer.

“The most important thing you have to know is that everyone who asks you to pay them with a gift card is always, but always, a scammer,” says Leach.

Similarly, the Federal Trade Commission mentions that: “gift cards are for making gifts, not for making payments. Therefore it is illegal to demand payment from someone with a gift card.


I hope you have learnt something about gift cards and I hope you don’t fall victims of scam. Thank you.

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