Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Today, Amazon sells a variety of products ranging from electronics, toys, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more.

Amazon not only sells products from various companies, but it also produces consumer electronics such as Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Echo.

Under the Amazon Basics house brand, they sell accessories for cellphones, laptops, cameras and tablets, as well as household appliances for the kitchen, home and office.

Amazon has separate retail locations for the US, China, India, UK, Ireland, Germany, and many more. But the most critical aspect of Amazon is the “gift card”.

As the gift card is virtual, it can be acquired and shared without any difficulty.

In case you tired of searching and landing on all the fake sites that promise to give you free Amazon gift cards using their amazing generator tools?

Well it’s easy with real ways to get free Amazon gift cards in 2020 because this article will show you some easy ways to get Amazon gift cards. It is not the instant methods that will get you these cards, but these methods are the best and closest options that you can get free gift card codes.

Consider yourself lucky!

The good news is that most of the ways to get free codes don’t require you to do anything special. This involves either signing up to a website, liking a page, or other similar simple tasks.

Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

We have taken the liberty to categorize all the working methods and tips for getting free Amazon gift cards. So here are some methods you can follow:

  • Amazon Promotions

It’s a good thing to subscribe to all of those promotional emails with Amazon to receive updates.

So if you check your email account frequently, you will find that Amazon regularly gives options to spend money in exchange for gift cards, so if you are already set on a purchase, you can easily make money in the process.

Also, if you don’t want to spam your emails with promotions, you can check out coupon websites for available promo codes and current cash back offers.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks has dominated this category and is in fact the biggest and most famous of the ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) websites.

Swagbucks offers dozens of ways to earn “Swag Bucks” (either in the form of reward points or as their currency). It could be promotions, social media sharing, or even electronic product exchanges.

Not only does Swagbucks offer website mode, they even have an app for you to earn gift cards on iPhone, Android smartphones, iPads, or any device you might have.

There is nothing better than winning and getting rewards on the go. They offer great value free things like Amazon gift cards, Steam wallet cards, PayPal balance, and more.

  • PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a GPT site which is known for its outstanding support for users. They offer a unique service where you can earn reward points from their site Web and use them directly from your account to order directly from Amazon itself.

It saves you a lot of effort to get and redeem gift cards. Less hassle is always better, and PrizeRebel makes ordering on Amazon even more comfortable.

  • RecycleBank

RecycleBank is one of my favorite websites, and it stands out from other GPT sites because their sole purpose is to get people to recycle and educate.

You can earn points and redeem them for prizes (Amazon gift cards of course) at RecycleBank by reading articles on green methods and stuff.

It could be a great initiative to use if you are going green, earning money doing something useful. They even offer products made by start-ups and eco-friendly companies.


If you have been looking for ways to acquire gift card I would advise you follow those methods above because they are legit methods. Share thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks

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